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Home Care

Cymru Electric HomeCARE:

We all rely on the electrics in our homes to just work. But when something goes wrong, that’s an extra bill to pay. Plus parts. What if it’s an all day job? What if it’s Christmas morning? Even if you have a policy with one of our national competitors, there’s still the call-out fee to pay.

Not any more. The Cymru Electric HomeCare maintenance plan gives you peace of mind against the unexpected.

For a flat rate of £10.40/month, homeowners enjoy:

 - Unlimited call-outs with no fee

 - 24 hour/365 day service

 - All parts included

 Quibble-free repairs to (or replacements of, if necessary) electrical wiring, distribution panel and electrical fittings, inside and outside your home
 - Priority call-outs if you are without all power/lighting in your home


So, whether the problem is a faulty socket outlet or light fitting, burnt-out wiring, or a circuit breaker/RCD that keeps tripping, Cymru Electric HomeCare ensures your home’s electrics are covered when something goes wrong.


Q: Is your plan also available to landlords?

A: Yes.Cymru Electric HomeCare can be taken out by homeowners and landlords:


Q: Does the contract have tricky loopholes and exclusions?

A: No. Our contract is written in plain, jargon-free English, setting out clearly what is covered in your home.


Q: So, what is covered?
A: All fixed wiring and its components which are part of your domestic property:

               240v Sockets

               Light Switches

               Lighting Pendants

               Recessed Lights

               Electrical Fuse Spurs

               Home Electrical Wiring

               Distribution Electrical Panel

               Cooker Socket outlets

               Lighting Pull cords   

               Shower Pull Cords     and more...


Q: What isn’t covered, then?
A: Essentially, your appliances, since they are not part of your home’s wiring and 3rd party wired accessories, transformers, dimming modules, interface equipment.


Q: How do you offer this for only £10.40/month?
A: By restricting our clientele to the South Wales area, we keep our plan affordable.


Want to know more? Call Cymru Electric now on:01656 716 811 or 0751 602 5840.             


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